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Sending an Approval Card

An approval Adaptive Card requests the user to approve, and then returns the response. To send an approval:

  1. Select the Send Approval action
  2. Fill out the following fields:
    • Recipients – add the recipients email addresses;
    • Heading – the title of the card;
    • Instructions – instruction text for users to know what to do;
    • Actions – these are the choices, the default is Approve and Reject, it can be changed, and more can be added;
    • Type of Choice – there are two types:
      • ApproveAll – All recipients need to respond, before the response it returned;
      • ApproveFirst – The first recipient to respond will complete the card;
    • Default Choice for approve – This is the action that is for Approve;
    • Default Choice for Reject – This is the action that is for rejection;
  3. The response can be used in the flow:

These are the fields that get returned:

Response choiceChoice made, eg. Approve
Response commentComment that was made
Response respondentNameDisplay name of the respondent
Response respondentEmailEmail address of the respondent
Response responseDateDate the response was made

An example flow might be to have a condition to branch based off approval or rejection:

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