Adaptive Cards in your business

Full Power Platform integration

Adaptive Cards made easy

Adaptive cards allows you to send actionable content directly to your users, using Microsoft Power Platform.

  • Send from your PowerAutomate Flow directly to Outlook, Teams, or PowerApps;
  • Integrate your cards into your PowerApps application;
  • Allows cards to be completed in ServiceNow, ManageEngine, SupportCenter, and other help desk software;
  • Supports cards to be completed on applications that don’t have support for Adaptive Cards, such as non Outlook email apps, help desk software, Zoom and others.
  • Integrate cards into PowerApps with components;

Power Platform Integration

Full integration with the Power Platform and SharePoint Online


PowerAutomate Actions

Set of easy to use PowerAutomate actions to create and send Adaptive Cards


PowerApps Control

Control to integrate into your PowerApp


SharePoint Lists

Easy integration with SharePoint lists, with webpart

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